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Spear of Men Privacy Policy

At Spear of Men, we respect your privacy more than a Spartan respects his spear. We’ve built our reputation around being men of our word, and when we say your privacy is secure, you can bet your last flannel shirt on it.

  • Information We Collect: We collect information to provide better services to all our users. That includes your name, email, shipping address, and other standard data. What we don’t collect is what you had for breakfast or the name of your high school sweetheart.
  • How We Use Your Information: Your information is used to process your orders, deliver goods, respond to your queries, and occasionally send you updates on our new collection. We promise, it won’t be used to send you spam or to sign you up for a ‘knitting class.’
  • Information Security: We protect your personal data with as much care as a lumberjack protecting his beard in a windstorm. While we can’t guarantee absolute security (we’re a clothing company, not Fort Knox), we do our utmost to keep your details safe.
  • Third Parties: We don’t share your data with third parties, unless they’re part of the logistics process. That means your mailman will know your address, but your ex won’t.
  • Access to Your Information: You have the right to view, update, or delete your personal information. We respect that right, like a good steak respects a sharp knife.

By using our website, you agree to the terms of this privacy policy. This isn’t just fine print – it’s a firm handshake between gentlemen.